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Group Travel


Whether it is 10 people or 200+ people, we can help plan your next group vacation.


We can plan:

  • Family Reunion Vacations
  • Student Travel
  • Church Groups
  • Bus Tours
  • Group Cruises
  • Friends getaways
  • Special Interested Groups- Foodies, Golf, Diving
  • Group Air Travel
  • Missions Group Air Travel
  • and much more


How does it work?


  • Decided on when and where you want your group to travel
  • Set a budget
  • Call one of friendly travel professionals and give them the information your group has decided on
  • Your travel professional will research your trip and get back with you with different options that will fit your group
  • Work with your travel professional to decide which option is best for your group
  • When a decision is made, your travel professional can provide you with information on deposit and final due dates.
  • Let your group know the when everything is due and tell them to call your travel professional to book into the group.


When you use one of our professional travel agents, you take the stress out of planning a group. You do not have to worry about getting everyones information, making sure it is correct, and collecting money. We take care of all the for you.  LEARN MORE




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