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Business Profile


        South Georgia Travel opened in Valdosta, Georgia in 1963, and is located at 1300 Baytree Road, Valdosta, Georgia.


South Georgia Travel’s mission and motto is “Personalized Vacation Planning.”  It is the desire of the agency to provide service to the community and surrounding areas in the form of travel consulting and reservations.  The business is based on courteous and prompt service, honesty, and professionalism.  South Georgia Travel believes in community involvement and that building relationships in the community builds your business.


         It is the goal of the agency to match the travel experience, whether it is corporate travel or leisure travel, with the client’s expectation.  This involves getting to know clients and building relationships.  The more we know about our clients, the better we can develop vacation ideas that result in winning experiences at their vacation destinations.  With a new client, communication is the most important tool of the business as it involves the skill to ask questions and determine the best opportunity for vacation experiences that the client expects.  Someone making reservations on the Internet may not be familiar with a particular property, tour or cruise company, and may not choose the best fit for themselves.  We are helping our clients travel smarter by providing them with our knowledge based on training, personal travel experiences, travel experiences of other clients’ feedback and valuable resources available to us.  Note: “best fit”, simply means a person’s likes, dislikes, dreams and anticipated experiences.


       South Georgia Travel encourages clients to purchase trip cancellation and protection insurance to protect the client’s investment.  This gives the traveler the peace of mind to enjoy their trip and know they have a safety net in the event of an emergency.




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P O B OX 3065 VALDOSTA GA 31604-3065